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Free Divi Small Business Layout Pack

Mark Hendriksen | February 14, 2018 | 97 Comments
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This is a Free Divi Layout pack for Divi, designed for all types of small businesses.

This layout package includes 5 pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services
  • Single service page
  • Contact

How to download & import this package

Step 1

Sign up and download the package here.

Step 2

Unzip the ‘Localbiz.zip’ file to your computer.

Step 3

Go to Divi > Theme Options. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).
Click on Import and upload Divi Theme Options.json.

Go to Divi > Theme Customizer. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).
Click on Import and upload Divi Customizer Settings.json.

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.
Click on Import and upload Divi Builder Layouts.json.

Step 4

Create a new page and go to Load layout > Your Saved Layouts add the page you want to use.


Change the Call to action button menu color
You can change the color in Divi > Theme Options.
Scroll to the bottom and in the CSS box field you can change the color codes.

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Article by

Mark Hendriksen

I am the founder here at MarkHendriksen.com a blog website for Web design, WordPress, and Divi. Learn more about Mark

97 thoughts on “Free Divi Small Business Layout Pack”

  1. Greetings, Mark,

    I have sat on the sidelines watching you create one masterpiece after another. This newest submission fits within that same description. Outstanding!

  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for this layout. It looks amazing! I just used your consultant layout pack on a site and it ROCKS! You are really great at the layout and design! I found you in a Divi group on facebook while searching for ideas for layouts. Going to check out your products for future references! Again Thank you! Followed you on your fb page too! 🙂

  3. Hello Mark, thanks for this blinding layout … I have failed to find the plugin that you said is to be used for the “import”.

  4. Thank you Mark, you’re the greatest. You have that special style that I like very much. Now you ‘re also giving high quality freebees away! If I wasn’t married already … :D:D

  5. Thank you Mark for sharing this very nice layout.
    Got a few questions however. Can your plugin be used on WP Multisite? Can the plugin be deleted after installing the layout?

  6. Hello Mark. Thanks for offering this fantastic layout and for FREE you are simply amazing!

    I am experiencing a slight issue with this layout after I installed it to WordPress. Once installed the layout completely changed. The vectoring is gone and the headings are in different fonts and positions. Any idea as to why this would happen?


  7. Hi Mark!

    I love this layout! Thank you for making it available. I imported the files, but I think I’m missing the custom CSS. There is nothing in the CSS field box, and I don’t have the CTA button in the header menu. Also, the header on my site looks different than the demo.

    Can you send me the custom CSS, please? =)

  8. Thanks, Mark. You’re saving us so much time with your layouts, and we’ve been using and loving DIVI for a few years now! Keep up the good work and since we’ve used all your free layouts; I guess we’ll start purchasing your Child Themes now, lol!

  9. Excellent layout but when I try to do Localbiz demo import it fails with some error message. Try to next time I am getting message Previous import failed. Resetting import values….
    Is it possible download json file instead please.

  10. Love this theme, having some issue though.
    Trying to change the color scheme from dark blue, I can find everything but the section dividers (waves) etc.
    Any chance you have documentation on how to change that or other sections.

    • Hi John,

      To change the divider colors open that particular divider and go to the design tab. Then under dividers you will find the divider color.

  11. Thank you so much for this great job . it really helped me a lot and save me time . I have a problem editing the last section before the footer : Quick menu Our Services. Contact Us .
    Can you please Help .

    thank you

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for creating and sharing this great theme! It’s been a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, I foolishly refreshed my Divi Theme Options, and lost the Custom CSS that installing the Layout had imprinted. Can you please send me the code that I can cut and paste back into the CSS field, on that page?

  13. Hi, Thank you for this great work !
    Please could you say me how to change this divider:

    I changed colors of svg image with illustrator, how to integrate it to my pages ?
    Thank U !

  14. Great Job Mark! Your one of a kind giving a freebies like this is a big help! Anyway, I have question? Is the navigation like the menu on top can be edit? also the LOcalBiz logo? How can we edit that? It seems that it cannot be edited in visual builder though. Thanks in Advance! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Chris,

      To make edits in the menu go to your dashboard and navigate to:
      Divi > Divi Customizer > Header & Navigation > Primary menu bar

      To change the logo go to your dashboard and navigate to:
      Divi > Theme Options

  15. Hi Mark! This is a great way to incorporate a Divi Theme layout, plugin 🙂
    Could you also email me the customized CSS styling that make this design so appealing?

  16. Love this theme, Mark!! It is my first try at Divi and your theme is so clean and enjoyable. How do you change the formatting for the GET IN TOUCH button to a different page?

  17. Hello Mark, thanks for this brilliant layout … I have imported demo plugin and work according to guide but it did’t work. Please Have look on my website.
    any help will be appreciated

    • You need to update your Divi theme. You probably using an older version without the divider option. After that, you need to reinstall this layout pack.

  18. Hello Mark,

    The layout is really fantastic!
    Need just one help, whenever i select import, it prompts running import and stays the same way without the completion of process.
    Will a JSON file make the difference. Please assist.


  19. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your wonderful theme and generosity. Could you please send me the json files as I am having problems with the plugin.

    Thanks in advance

  20. Hello, Mark

    You did an excellent work.

    Are just see your demo website?

    The “Background Section” of “Contact Form” is not working properly. Can you please let me know what’s the problem? & please fix the problem ASAP.

    Hope to listen soon from you.

    Thanks, Sasank

  21. Yes, Mark

    I just did that & it is working perfectly.

    But why it is an error like that?

    Because everything was working perfectly previously.

  22. Mark,

    Do you have a site that I can read through that tells me how to integrate what was on my site into your theme? I already have a year + of content and I am just trying to make my site look more attractive. When I downloaded your theme all my content is still in the dashboard just not showing up in the visual view at all. I’m wondering what I did wrong and how I can fix it. any assistance would be appreciated. I love the layout, thank you!

    • Hi Norma,

      This isn’t supposed to be installed on an existing website. Before installing you get a warning that it will overwrite the current settings. Best way to solve this is to restore a backup. In case you don’t have any send a mail to info@markhendriksen.com and I’ll see if I can help you out.

  23. Hey Mark,

    Great theme as always. I am not sure what’s going on but if you scroll down on the homepage and go to the contact form section with the blurbs to the left the image loads and then disappears to a white background. How do I fix that?

    • Hi Matt,

      This happens cause of a bug in Chrome. If you open that section and disable the parallax effect of set it on true it should work.

    • Hi,

      Sorry just fixed the link.

      You need to register for a free membership. Inside the member area you will find all the free layout packs.

  24. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this FREE layout pack!

    I’m new to DIVI and I’m struggling to change the colour of the H2 elements on the home page. When inspecting the code I can see there is an !important element so it shows as blue.

    Can you point in the right direction to change the colour.


  25. Hi Mark, Thanks for this layout.ilove it. I just used this layout pack on a site! You are really great at the layout and design!

    i want to ask to you,
    how do I change my old website design using this layout..
    I have to start from where, please give me best solution

    • You have to create the pages again and use my layouts for those pages. There is not an easy way to integrate layout packs for existing websites.

  26. Hello,

    Im interesting using Divi, but can I use divi Builder plugin with other theme to create great homepage? Im using generatepress theme.

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      Yes, you can use the Divi Builder with other Wordpress themes. However I created this layout pack for the Divi theme + builder.


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