Free Divi Layout Pack For Web Designers

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Free Divi layout pack
Webly is a multipurpose design but specially created for web design agencies in mind. This time I created 2 designs:

  • Webly Free
  • Webly Pro

Webly free is a free layout pack that you can download at the bottom of this post and Webly Pro is a child theme which can be bought from the shop.

Webly Free

Webly free layout pack includes 5 pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services
  • Sub page
  • Contact

Some images have been replaced due to licensing. You can find the images that I used here

Webly Pro

Webly Pro is a child theme and can be bought from the shop:

  • 12 main pages including 2 homepage, about us, 2 services, sub page, testimonials page, blog, portfolio, Opt-in page, pricing and a contact page.
  • Sliding Quote form on the right side
  • 2 home page designs
  • 2 service page designs
  • Opt-in page
  • Custom top header
  • Custom 404 page
  • Custom footer
  • Additional CSS to make it better visible on smaller screen sizes
Click on the “Get a Quote Today” button in the upper right corner of the demo to see the sliding quote form.
Note: You can not update from free to pro version. You basically need to rebuild the website.

How to download & import the free layout pack

Step 1
Download the free package here.

Some images have been replaced due to licensing. You can find the images that I used here

You need to have Divi installed before you can import this layout.

Step 2
Unzip the ‘’ file to your computer.

Step 3
Go to Divi > Theme Options. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Theme Options.json.

Go to Divi > Theme Customisation. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Customizer Settings.json.

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Builder Layouts.json.

Step 4
Create a new page and go to Load layout > Your Saved Layouts add the page you want to use.


  1. William

    Looking forward to trying the them out

  2. Angel Garcia

    Really good, as always congratulations

  3. Raymond Hayes

    Amazing design…but, as I voted before…if you are a Web Agency and need a template, then ‘you ain’t doing web design right’.

    But, I already have a use for this one….so big cheers to you!

  4. jjjust

    Where can I find the weebly pro theme? want to purchase

  5. Jeremy

    Thanks for sharing these layouts. I’m downloading it now and am looking forward to trying it out.

  6. flancuz

    Hey Boss Mark,
    how i can change color background:

    background-image: linear-gradient
    (180deg,rgba(63, 61, 106, 0.95) 0%,rgba(63, 61, 106, 0.9)

    for a different color?

    • Mark

      You can change background colors in the sections.

  7. Sinisha Janikjijevikj

    I downloaded and tested the free version only. Followed your instructions I installed all available json.

    Now I don`t need Webly Free Theme Options.json and
    Webly Free Customizer Settings.json

    I want to delete them. Where do I find them, how can I delete them. I don`t want the grey color that is on the main menu, and the blue color that is on the bottom of the website.
    I would appreciate your help.

    • Mark


      You can reset the theme options and theme customizer settings by pressing on the icon next to the icon where you uploaded them.

  8. Sinisha Janikjijevikj

    Didn`t work or I didn`t do that properly. Anyway, if anybody has a similar issue I would suggest you wach this video, this is how I reset the WordPress. Of course, you have to reinstall all the things again but it worked for me:

    By the way, thank you very much for your quick response and for your layout I use it for one website for a company specialized in heating, air conditioning, solar panels… Of course, I changed photos, few other things add text content, customized it my own way and the site looks great 🙂

  9. pphughes

    Doesn’t work!

    • Mark


      What does not work?

      • pphughes

        I followed the instructions to the t to import 2 .json files. When I attempt to load the 2nd one, I am told I am told the file should not be imported in this context. What gives? Paul

    • Mark

      Are you sure that you are uploading the right files in the right places?

  10. pphughes

    What I have are two .json files that were in the zip folder. 1 is webly free theme options. the other is webly free builder layouts. I followed your instructions.

    • Mark

      There are 3 files in the folder. Perhaps you deleted one accidentaly? Try to download again.

  11. Victor Mendez


  12. matt

    I have downloaded and extracted the 3 json files and continually get a :this file should not be imported in this context”?
    any assistance in rectifying this?

    • Mark

      Hi, are you uploading each file in the right place?

      • matt

        After a lengthy struggle i managed to work out I need to add a line of code into my WP file manager. success!


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