Free Divi Layout Pack For Web Designers

Webly is a multipurpose design but specially created for web design agencies in mind. This time I created 2 designs:

Webly layout pack includes 5 pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services
  • Sub page
  • Contact

How to download & import the free layout pack

Step 1

Sign up and download the free package here.

You need to have Divi installed before you can import this layout.

Step 2

Unzip the ‘’ file to your computer.

Step 3

Go to Divi > Theme Options. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Theme Options.json.

Go to Divi > Theme Customisation. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Customizer Settings.json.

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.

Click on Import and upload Webly Free Builder Layouts.json.

Step 4

Create a new page and go to Load layout > Your Saved Layouts add the page you want to use.

26 thoughts on “Free Divi Layout Pack For Web Designers”

  1. Amazing design…but, as I voted before…if you are a Web Agency and need a template, then ‘you ain’t doing web design right’.

    But, I already have a use for this one….so big cheers to you!

  2. Hey Boss Mark,
    how i can change color background:

    background-image: linear-gradient
    (180deg,rgba(63, 61, 106, 0.95) 0%,rgba(63, 61, 106, 0.9)

    for a different color?

  3. I downloaded and tested the free version only. Followed your instructions I installed all available json.

    Now I don`t need Webly Free Theme Options.json and
    Webly Free Customizer Settings.json

    I want to delete them. Where do I find them, how can I delete them. I don`t want the grey color that is on the main menu, and the blue color that is on the bottom of the website.
    I would appreciate your help.

  4. Didn`t work or I didn`t do that properly. Anyway, if anybody has a similar issue I would suggest you wach this video, this is how I reset the WordPress. Of course, you have to reinstall all the things again but it worked for me:

    By the way, thank you very much for your quick response and for your layout I use it for one website for a company specialized in heating, air conditioning, solar panels… Of course, I changed photos, few other things add text content, customized it my own way and the site looks great 🙂

  5. What I have are two .json files that were in the zip folder. 1 is webly free theme options. the other is webly free builder layouts. I followed your instructions.

  6. I have downloaded and extracted the 3 json files and continually get a :this file should not be imported in this context”?
    any assistance in rectifying this?


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