SEO Agency Free Divi Layout Pack

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Free Divi layout packs | 14 comments

SEO agency free Divi layout pack
SEO Agency is a free Divi layout pack specifically designed for SEO companiess in mind, but you can use it for all kind of small businesses.

This layout package includes 4 pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • Sub page
  • Contact

Become a free member and download this Divi layout pack

How to download & import this package

Step 1
Sign up for a free membership and download the package from your dashboard (free Divi layouts).

The images are included they come from Unsplash and Undraw

Step 2
Unzip the ‘SEO_Agency’ file to your computer.

Step 3
Go to Divi > Theme Options. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload SEO Agency Theme Options.json.

Go to Divi > Theme Customisation. Click on the import/export options (up/down arrow).

Click on Import and upload SEO Agency Customizer Settings.json.

Go to Divi > Divi Library. Click on the import/export options.

Click on Import and upload SEO Agency Builder Layouts.json.

Step 4
Create a new page and go to Load layout > Your Saved Layouts add the page you want to use.


  1. shellygora

    Can’t download this, I logged in and signed up again and it just keeps asking me to login. It’s also not under free layouts once you are logged in

    • Mark

      Hi Shelly,

      You should find it now under free Divi layouts.

    • olengofer

      Hi Mark,

      SEO Agency looks great! But I have to agree with shellygora – can’t find it to download – even on the Free Divi Layouts page…


      • Mark

        You can find it at the bottom, the last one.

  2. 4795209

    Great work, Mark, as usual.

  3. Steven N

    Hi, how can I change the colour of the green mountain looking things at the bottom of the design? Ot even how to remove them?

    • Mark


      Open the section and go to the design tab. Under divider you can change the options and colors.

  4. Mészáros Judit

    Hello Mark, Nice tutorials and design. I tried to download this template but WordPress says it is an error as style.css is missing. Please help me how to have it. Thank you very much. Kr., J.

    • Mark

      Did you follow the steps above? it seems you tried to install it in Appearance > Themes but that will not work.

      • Mészáros Judit

        Hello Mark, Thank you very much! It works properly! Judit

  5. Dima

    Thank you for sharing Divi theme. I want to see if it has enough options for customization.

  6. Eugenia

    Hello Mark I download and customized the SEO AGENCY, then I change the footer credits and I loose every thing, I did not Know that I could not, Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks

    • Mark

      Hi Eugenia,

      Could you give me an URL then I have a look.


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