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Divi Theme Logo The Ultimate Guide

Mark Hendriksen | February 13, 2019 | 0 Comments
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It is important that your logo looks great on your Divi website on any device. Logos come in many different sizes and shapes and to make them fit in well there are some good practices you can follow.

I have created a serie of tutorials for the Divi logo how you can resize the logo and some common problems with fixes.

We will be covering the following topics in these tutorials:

How can I resize the logo in Divi?

You can make the logo larger or smaller in the customization settings, you can also make the whole menu bigger. Get started with this step by step tutorial: How to adjust the logo height and size in Div.

Stop the logo from shrinking when scrolling down

By default the menu and logo in Divi gets smaller when you scroll down the page. If you don’t want this to happen you can follow the tutorial “Prevent the logo to shrink when scrolling down

Portrait oriented logo

In the case you have a portrait shaped logo than it will look very small in the Divi header. For this we can create an overlapping logo, This means your logo will overlap the menu bar. You can follow the tutorial “Create an overlapping logo in Divi” for doing that.

Are your menu items getting overlapped by you logo?

If the dimensions of your logo are very wide than the menu items can be overlapped by the logo on smaller screen sizes. You can follow the tutorial “How to fix menu items being overlapped by the logo in Divi” to fix this.

Adding an SVG logo to Divi

An SVG logo is great for its scalability. However you can’t upload SVG images by default on WordPress. In this tutorial “How to add an SVG logo to your Divi website” I’m going to cover two methods how you can upload an SVG image to your Divi website.

Add a favicon to Divi

Adding a favicon to Divi is very easy to do and is good for your branding. In this tutorial we will be covering how you can create a favicon and how you can upload it to Divi.

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