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How to Add a Favicon to Your Divi Website

Mark Hendriksen | August 9, 2019 | 0 Comments
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A favicon is that little thumbnail that you find in your tab before your website title.

Favicon placement in tab

Favicons will help to increase your branding and it is always a good practice to add one to your site.

Best size for your favicon

The favicon size for your browser is 16ร—16 pixel however WordPress recommends a size of 512ร—512 pixels. The reason for this is that the favicon is not only used for tabs but also for bookmarks and those require a bigger image size.

How to create a favicon

I create my favicons in Photoshop but in case you donโ€™t have this there are more ways to create one.

  1. You can use any of the free favicons generators
  2. You can use a free icon on iconfinder

Free favicon generators

If you search for free favicon generator then you will find tons of them. Find one that has the ability to create from scratch. For example X-icon.

Use a free icon

You can go to iconfinder and search for a free icon. Take one that is not too detailed because the icon in the tab is only 16ร—16 pixels. If you use one that is very busy the icon will end up very blurry.

How to Install a Favicon

in a recent update the location the upload your favicon has changed. Before you could upload it in Divi > Theme Options under your divi logo.

The new location to upload you favicon is:

 Divi > Theme Customizer > General Settings > Site identity > Site Icon.

In WordPress, favicons are called site icons.

You can use the following file formats .ico, .png, .jpg.

If you uploaded a favicon size of 512ร—512 pixels WordPress will generate the approximal size for each case needed.

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