How To Change The Divi Logo

Mark Hendriksen | February 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

Changing the standard Divi logo with your own logo is very easy to do in Divi. In this step by step tutorial I will be explaining how you can change the logo and I give you some good practices.

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Add your own logo

To change the Divi logo with your own you go to:

Divi > Theme Options > Logo

Click on the upload button.

Change your divi logo

On the next screen click on the tab Upload files

Then click on Select files from here navigate and upload your logo from your computer.

After that click on the button Set As Logo

find and upload your logo

When you are back in the theme options click on save changes.

Some good practices

Before you upload a logo resize it to a more approximate size. No need to upload a logo with a dimension of 3000x4000px. Large logos will be scaled down but it will load the large version which makes your site slower.

I recommend to upload the exact size of your logo this will reduce the load time and your logo will look sharper.

If your logo looks to small you can adjust the height of the logo and menu bar. You can follow these steps to adjust the height of your logo in Divi.

I also recommend to add a favicon to your Divi website. This make it more profesional and is good for your branding.

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