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How To Create a Custom Divi Footer

Mark Hendriksen | April 16, 2021 | 13 Comments
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Since the introduction of the Theme Builder in Divi, we can build a custom footer for Divi without the need for any Divi plugin or extra coding. We can build and customize this footer with the power of the visual builder. This will allow us to build anything we want.

Before we start, I will give you a couple of custom footer examples build with Divi.

This is a custom footer example from my Avanti design:

And this is one from my DiviCommerce design:

These are just a couple of examples I have more at the end of this tutorial.

Make sure to also check my list of the most popular Divi footer layout packs

Let’s get started with building our custom footer for Divi.

Create a Global Footer In Divi

Go to Divi > Theme Builder and click on Add Global Footer.

Navigate theme builder

Then click on Build Global Footer.

click on build global foote

After that choose Build From Scratch.

Build from scratch

Now you can start building your Global Footer with the visual builder. The same as you do with pages.

When you are finished with building your footer click on save when you are back in the Theme Builder you need to click on Save Changes.

Save your Divi footer

Custom Footer For a Particular Page

Perhaps you want to use a different footer layout for a particular page. This is easy to do in the Theme Builder. Go to the Theme Builder and click on Add New Template.

Add new footer template

In the template settings tab, you can choose which pages you want to assign this template to.

Template Settings

Then click on the 3 vertical dots to open the menu and click on Disable Global.

Disable global footer

Now you can customize this footer and it will only be visible on the pages you have it assigned to.

Divi Customizer Footer Options Disappeared?

Maybe you have already noticed it but the Footer Options in Divi > Theme Customizer are gone. You might see them briefly but then they disappear. This is normal when you have enabled the Global Footer the options in the Theme Customizer are not needed anymore because you can now make all your edits in the Theme Builder.

Footer Examples For Inspiration

I will give you some extra footer examples for inspiration.

Grow extended

Grow extended Divi footer example

In this design, I created a 3 column structure with a dark blue background. I used some slighter lighter blue dividers and for the first column a right border. In the first column, I placed the logo + contact info and social media icons. In the second and third columns, I placed quick navigation and the services pages. At the top of this footer, I created a horizontal email opt-in.

Visit website


Photelo Divi footer example

In this website’s footer, I used 2 rows. The top row is a 4 column structure, within each column an image module. The bottom row is a 1 column structure with 2 texts and 1 social media module. I place a background image in the section.

Visit website


Valliant Divi footer example

This site’s footer uses a 4 column structure. In the first column, I used an image module for the logo and 3 blurb modules. In between each blurb module I used a divider module for the thin line. The second and third column is created with text modules and I also used here a divider module for the line. In the fourth column, I placed a social media module and an email opt-in.

Visit website

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13 thoughts on “How To Create a Custom Divi Footer”

  1. Thank you for tutorial..
    btw how to make google maps (our store location) as background footer? i know there’re some sites using that footer.

  2. Love the tutorial and your products! One question…How can I hide the custom footer on a specific page? I’d like to remove it for landing pages. Thank you.

    • If you give the section of your custom footer a class then you can hide it with CSS. For example, give the section this class custom_footer.

      Every Wordpress page has a unique class, you can find this in the source code in the body tag. With this class, you can only target that specific page. You can then hide the custom footer with CSS. You can use a snippet like this:

      .page-id-10 .custom_footer {
      display: none;

      You need to change the page ID number with yours.

  3. thanks for your post, it is normal that the visual builder cannot retrieve the styles of the injected divi layouts? in the visual builder they looks like missing css/unstylized. no problems in the frontend only visual builder.
    many many thanks

  4. I just get a white bar across the bottom of the website – It doesn’t drag in the section. I’m placing it as the first line of text after the opening <?php or does it need to go in a specific section of the functions file?

  5. Thank you for this tutorial. I think I am so close, but it is not publishing my custom footer. Is this the correct snippet for the functions.php ?


    function custom_footer() {
    echo do_shortcode(‘[et_pb_section global_moule=”8264″][/et_pb_section]’);
    add_action( ‘et_after_main_content’, ‘custom_footer’ );

    • Hi Anna,

      The code snippet was gone after an update I have replaced it back now and you can copt/paste it.

      you still have to replace the ID with yours.


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