WP Rocket VS SG Optimizer

The other day I got a question from a reader from my guide on how to speed up your website. The question was: do you still need WP Rocket if you are on SiteGround? If you are on SiteGround then you have access to their SG Optimizer plugin. This is a really good question. In the past, the SG Optimizer plugin only handled the caching but in a recent update, they have added many more features to this plugin.

So to see which one is the best for you I will be running a test.

I have created 2 identical sites on SiteGround. Both sites are built with Divi and I installed a couple of plugins:

  • Divi (with the TeleHealth pack)
  • WooComemmerce
  • Contact form 7
  • Yoast SEO

Test Before Optimization

Before I start with the optimization I will give you the results from GT metrix, Google Page Speed and Pingdom.

GT Metrix Score Results (Before Optimization):

GT Metrix test before optimization

Google Page Speed Desktop (Before Optimization):

Google page speed before optimization

Pingdom Results (Before Optimization):

Pingdom before optimization

SiteGround + WP Rocket

For the WP Rocket + SiteGround test I used the following settings in WP Rocket.

File Optimization

WP Rocket file optimization settings


WP Rocket media settings


WP Rocket preload settings

SG Optimizer + SiteGround

If you are on a Growbig or bigger plan you can use the memcached feature.

Supercacher Settings

SG Optimizer supercacher settings

Frontend Optimization

SG Optimizer frontend optimization settings

Media Optimization

SG Optimizer media optimization settings

The Results After Optimization

GT Metrix (WP Rocket + SiteGround)

GT Metrix test after optimization with wp rocket

GT Metrix (SG Optimizer + SiteGround)

GT Metrix test after- optimization-with SG optimizer

Google Page Speed WP Rocket + SiteGround

Google page speed test after optimization WP rocket

Google Page Speed SG Optimizer + SiteGround

Google page speed test after optimization SG optimizer

Pingdom WP Rocket + SiteGround

Pingdom test after optimization WP rocket

Pingdom SG Optimizer + SiteGround

Pingdom test after optimization SG Optimizer


In my test, I got very similar results with both plugins. SG Optimizer gives me a little better performance in GT Metrix and WP Rocket gives me a better score on Google page speed mobile. There is one nice feature in WP Rocket that SG Optimizer does not have and that is link preloading. When a visitor hovers over a link then that page will already be starting to load in the background. This will result in almost instantly loading. However, this does not have any effect on your page speed scores.

If you are already on SiteGround then I would not use WP Rocket. You could consider a plugin like Perfmatters which also comes with a link preloading and a script manager option. A script manager can reduce your page size significantly and get better loading times.

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    I have used SG Optimizer + SiteGround and Continue the problems I don’t now how to improve it. I have problem with speed on mobile and Computer.

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