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Vote For The Next Free Divi Layout Pack

Mark Hendriksen | June 8, 2018 | 27 Comments
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Hey Divi Nation,

I need some new ideas for free Divi layout packs.

If you know some please let me know in the comments and perhaps I will choose that one as the next free layout pack.

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Mark Hendriksen

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27 thoughts on “Vote For The Next Free Divi Layout Pack”

  1. An information site for an MLM, with a calendar/schedule for informational classes, and a member link for password protected area of the site, with fun bright graphics and colors.

  2. Pool & spa maintenance services, auto body/collision/paint shops, private investigators, couriers, notaries, mobile car wash/detail, garage door installation & repair, handyman, movers, doors and windows, iron work, fitness, and flooring.

  3. I agree about the music / band.

    I also see a ton of votes for Web Design…there are millions of these things around. Who really needs another web design. Plus, if a web designer cannot at least do something for themselves, then that is sad…

    We designers don’t need a template…

  4. I would say security as there is a lot of the other layouts across the web and I was looking for a security company layout the about 2 weeks ago and I could not find one.

  5. Permanent Make Up Studio – This is a relatively new trending niche which is growing daily according to Google stats.
    Thank you for providing professional templates for free Mark. You are blessed beyond measure.


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