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How to Create an Email Link in Divi

Mark Hendriksen | February 18, 2019 | 6 Comments
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Ever wondered how to create those clickable email links? When you click on them your default email address will open up.

It is very easy to make these links on your Divi website. I’ll show you how you can make them from the text module, button module and I’ll provide you the HTML code.

Create a mailto link in the text module

Go to your text menu editor and highlight the text that you want to make a clickable mailto link. Click on the insert link icon and place the following as your link:


Replace yourwebsite.com with your own mail address.

Insert a mailto link

Create a mailto link in the button module

This is also very easy to do. You can place the same code as before in the Button Link URL


Replace yourwebsite.com with your own mail address.

Button mailto link

Mailto link in HTML

This is the code for a mailto link in html.

<a href="mailto:info@yourwebsite.com">info@yourwebsite.com</a>

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6 thoughts on “How to Create an Email Link in Divi”

  1. Hi Just come across your useful guide, however, I am very new to coding and would be grateful if you could let me know whereabout I put the code for mailto: link in Divi to make the email work.
    Many thanks

  2. Great explanation! Is it possible to add a prefilled subject to the mailto using te Divi Button Module? I know it kan be done with a regular link in HTML. But I’m using a button module and want to add the subject. Any ideas?

      • Thnx Mark,

        I read something like that in one of your tutorials. It didn’t work for me on my Mac. Maybe a pop-up blokker or something. Because it works everywhere else.

        I actually asked the same question to the elegantthemes support guys. They said “There is not any option for this but only way to do is through HTML.”. Apparently there is an option, because it seems to work. 😉

        Thnx again. Keep up the great work!


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