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5 free Divi portfolio layouts

5 Divi Portfolio Layouts

With Divi, you can build some great looking portfolio layouts. But if you build in combination with the Essential Grid plugin you can build some amazing looking portfolio layouts. In this tutorial, …

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How to remove the Divi sidebar

How to Remove the Divi Sidebar

On the default pages like the post, category, archive and 404 pages there is always a sidebar. In this tutorial I will be explaining how you can remove the sidebar …

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Divi Breakpoints and Media Queries

Divi Breakpoints and Media Queries

In this tutorial, I will be explaining what the breakpoints are in Divi and the corresponding media queries. With media queries, you can target certain devices or screen sizes with …

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Styling the Divi menu bar

Styling the Divi Menu

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can style the Divi menu bar differently than with the default styles in Divi. To accomplish this, we are going to …

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