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50 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet For Divi

Mark Hendriksen | December 15, 2018 | 4 Comments
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Whether you are a professional web designer or a beginner, creating and customizing a Divi website is going very fast.

But did you know that Divi has 50 keyboard shortcuts? That’s why I created this handy infographic in which they are shown.

If you want you can place it on your own website with the embed code under the infographic or you can download a pdf version in the member area.

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50 Keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet for Divi

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You can download a pdf version in the membership area. A membership is 100% free, you can create an account below.

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4 thoughts on “50 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet For Divi”

  1. Do you know what I did? I cut everything and set it on my desktop 🙂 well done, I’m a god. Of course, great thanks for your work.

  2. God, dam it 🙂 cool things – I was looking for something like that. I knew maybe 10 …. Great thanks and cool graphics at the beginning. Is this your performance?


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